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Recommended Foods for Enlarged Prostate
December 30th, 2013


Let’s delve on another important aspect of male reproductive and overall health: your prostate. Did you know that nearly all men develop an enlarged prostate as they age? As this small gland enlarges, it places pressure on your urethra and therefore makes it difficult for you to urinate. An enlarged prostate is often benign – but you should be able to rule out prostate cancer and other health conditions by going to your doctor.

You can also eat certain recommended foods to assist in your prostate health. These dietary sources can be a good attempt at naturally helping reduce the size of your prostate.

  1. Soy – Tofu, soy milk, and soy nuts are some soy-based foods that can help reduce the size and symptoms of an enlarged prostate. This is because soy contains phytosterols, a plant-based compound similar to cholesterol in molecular structure. Phytosterols, which also prevent cholesterol from being absorbed in your intestine, have been shown to reduce your risk of prostate enlargement and to help in shrinking an enlarged one.
  2. Nuts – Nuts contain vitamin E and selenium, which can play important roles in an enlarged prostate. They have been shown to improve prostate health and cell turnover, which many experts show can prevent an enlarged prostate from further growth. More than these benefits, some studies suggest that foods that are high in vitamin E and selenium can decrease prostate cancer risk. Your nutty choices include walnuts, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, almonds, and peanuts. Beware of the latter, though, as it is too high in omega-6 and is prone to having mold.
  3. Cold-water fish – Mackerel, halibut, tuna, sardines, and salmon are some cold-water fish that have plenty of omega-3 fats, which reduce tumor growth and inflammation. This may reduce the size of an enlarged prostate and, with regular omega-3 fatty acid consumption, you could get benefits for overall prostate wellness, including preventing prostate cancer.

Just like any other health intervention, changing your diet to get prostate health benefits should fit your level of wellness – consult a qualified health care provider. As for optimal sexual enhancement, you can also turn to your diet, regular exercise, and smart herbal supplementation to get erection strength benefits and other improvements.

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