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Viswiss Introduction


Last Updated: July 24, 2020

Viswiss touts itself as the ultimate male enhancement pill, and it boasts of many differentiating factors such as a 100% effective natural herbal formula, 7 years of lab research Swiss quality and precision, a firmer erection and longer-lasting sexual performance, an enlarged penis with maximum length and girth, better sexual arousal, and enhanced orgasms and frequency.

This sexual enhancer is manufactured by Nathans Natural, a so-called global herbal pharmaceutical company established in 1999 and based out of New York. It claims to focus on creating revolutionary herbal products to assist various medical conditions, and make it their top priority to keep their research labs in Switzerland drug-free.

Ingredient List

  • Yohimbe – Boosting sexual energy and performance
  • Epimedium – Used for boosting libido, improving erectile function, restoring sexual power, and increasing sensation
  • Ashwagandha root – Used for sexual vitality, as an adaptogen, and as a sedative
  • Avena sativa – frees up bound testosterone in your blood and makes it more active
  • Ginkgo biloba – Reduces tension, anxiety, and restores energy
  • Korean ginseng – Improves blood circulation and stimulates blood vessel formation
  • Maca – Enhances sexual performance and desire, as well as improves endurance and energy
  • Muira puama – Also called potency wood and addresses impotence and fatigue, to name a few
  • Saw palmetto – Addresses a variety of urinary and reproductive system problems
  • Tribulus terrestris – Helps solve sexual deficiencies such as in the duration of erections
  • L-arginine – Safely increases nitric oxide in your body


  • Comprehensive website and manufacturer information
  • Rich body of customer reviews and testimonials


  • Contains yohimbe, documented to have a number of strong side effects
  • A bit on the costly side, but offers free bottles with bundle purchases
  • Lacks male enhancement focus, and only seems to provide a little bit of each sexual benefit

The Verdict

Viswiss is a classic example of something that is so good on paper but needs to prove so much more in practice and performance. For one, it has a formidable lineup of herbal and nutrient ingredients, but we are turned off by the inclusion of strong, polarizing yohimbe. We appreciate the comprehensive information on Viswiss formula, manufacturer (and its commitment to having a supplement lab that is drug-free), and research findings, but in the actual product run it had a less-than-stellar performance. Perhaps it takes longer for the definite benefits to show up, which makes a strong case for a reformulation.

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