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PHGH Introduction


Last Updated: February 19, 2021

PHGH – A Natural Alternative for Prescription Male Enhancement

PHGH is one of today’s male enhancement supplements that are slowly making its name in the male enhancement industry. It has been developed by John Lawrence, an adult movie star. Being a performer himself, Lawrence as well as his fellow stars were asked to use supplements which can help them in getting and maintaining erections that will last throughout the whole day of shooting the films. Based on the website of PHGH Rx, Lawrence has took note of the things that were missing or wrong with the supplements that they used, and this is when he got the idea to come up with his very own improved version.

During the creation of the product, Lawrence has promised that he will be using all of the 5 ingredients which he believes are actually the most crucial compounds in order to come up with a truly successful and effective supplement for male enhancement. Also, he vowed that he will not be using those fillers which are commonly found in some other products today. And probably the most crucial of all is that he vowed that his formula will not be spiked with the prescription drugs since this is illegal and can even be possibly risky to his customers.

So, what are the things that Lawrence included in PHGH?

The Ingredients and Principle Behind Their Mode of Action

The five most crucial compounds in the formula of PHGH are as follows:

  • L-Arginine to boost the blood’s nitric oxide levels. It will help in relaxing the walls of the blood vessels, allowing more amount of blood to flow into the male organ in order to achieve bigger and harder erections.
  • Tribulus Terrestris to help increase the natural testosterone production of the body. This works through triggering the release of the luteinizing hormone that will then give the signal to the testes to create more testosterone. When a bigger quantity of testosterone flows throughout the body, you will also get to enjoy more confidence and sexual prowess.
  • Tongkat Ali helps in freeing up the bound testosterone in order for the body to use it properly. Also, it helps in stimulating the brain’s release of dopamine in order to improve both libido and mood.
  • Maca is a well known aphrodisiac from Peru that is said to increase the semen volume and sperm count while simultaneously stimulating your sexual libido.
  • Horny goat weed works together with L-Arginnine in order to improve the flow of blood to a man’s penis.
  • Piperine, despite not having the ability to enhance sexual performance per se, it can actually help in making the rest of the ingredients more bio-available so that the body will absorb it in a better way.

How to Use

During the initial 2 weeks, 2 tablets should be taken two times a day and after this, one tablet two times a day should be followed. Also, you might want to take another pill one or two hours prior to any sexual activity for an additional boost.

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