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#1: Erectzan
Success Rate: 97.9%
Price: $49.97


#2: Maxis10
Success Rate: 95.8%
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VigRx Plus

#3: VigRx Plus
Success Rate: 89.6%
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#4: Zenerx
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#5: Potensa
Success Rate: 80.4%
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Hightenz Introduction


Last Updated: February 19, 2021

Hightenz is a kind of male enhancement product which is targeted for addressing and fighting off premature ejaculation or a man’s inability of controlling the orgasm long enough to attain the peak pleasure. This is among the numerous ejaculation lotions and creams that are available in the market today but this one is different in the sense that it also aims to help in improving erection quality and libido. According to its maker, this is a combination which sets their male enhancer product from the rest. This product should be applied directly to the genitals of the man before lovemaking and it is said to work right away. However, you have to be aware that it seems that Hightenz is already off the market right now, which means that the only way for you to obtain this is through different sources in the black market.

What’s Inside the Product?

Here are the ingredients included in the formulation of Hightenz male enhancement cream.

  • L-arginine – This can increase the flow of blood to the penile area to help improve erections.
  • Lidocaine – This is the same component found in order ejaculation delay medications or sprays that are available today. This is being used as a mild form of anesthetic.
  • Avena Sativa – This can help in enhancing the free testosterone levels in the male body.
  • Ginseng – This can help increase the flow of blood and improve the energy inside the bedroom.

The Benefits and Features

Similar with the other premature ejaculation cream products that can be found in the market right now, Hightenz is being directly applied to the male genitals for desensitizing it that will then delay ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is a very common condition among a lot of men all over the world as many of them easily come way before expected or desired.

The Good

  • This product is prescription free.
  • This can work almost instantly.
  • This also works for addressing the libido and quality of erections which is not a read feature of the rest of the creams that belong to this category.

The Bad

  • The product is a bit expensive.
  • There is no disclosure
  • The cream can rub off on other surfaces and desensitize these areas, which include the female genitals.
  • It sorely lacks other essential information about the product.

The Bottom Line

Topical application is sometimes the way to go for the creams that address premature ejaculation such as Hightenz. Indeed, it fits its main purpose because its application on the penis of a man can directly yield an instant desensitizing effect that will prevent early ejaculation. But, the same issues in other male enhancement creams can also be seen in Hightenz. This can come in close contact with the vagina of the female partner and desensitize this part as well, which can possibly spoil the lovemaking. For this reason, extreme care is important when you use the product. For those who would like to enjoy similar benefits that this cream highlights, you will be better off if you consider those supplements that come in pill form instead.

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