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VigRx Plus

#3: VigRx Plus
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#4: Zenerx
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ExtenZe Introduction


Last Updated: February 19, 2021

ExtenZe is an herbal nutritional sexual enhancement product that claims to promote penis enlargement in the most natural way. This is also known for arousing or improving the sexual experience of the user.

How Does the Product Work?

Before going out to purchase ExtenZe, it is best that you first know how this product really works. The natural male enhancement product plays a crucial part when it comes to the treatment of several sexual disorders including erectile dysfunction and sex drive. The makers and some product testimonials seem to suggest that this can also help in enlarging the penis. Also, the manufacturer claims that its effects are actually permanent.

It is a must that you know how the product should be taken so that you can stay away from any possible problems. To start with, you must never use it multiple times but take it only when needed. You must only consume one capsule or pill every day so that you can get the positive results that you want.

What’s Inside the Product?

This herbal supplement is currently being promoted in the US for its ability to naturally enhance its male users. Although its controversial TV commercials did not claim that the product can enlarge the penis, majority of the websites where this is being sold usually do. ExtenZe penis pills are composed of ingredients which promote energy, increase the flow of blood and enhance libido while addressing impotency and erectile dysfunction. The male enhancement product also contains a rich blend of amino acids, herbal complexes as well as supplements which can boost the blood flow to the penis. Its specific ingredients include the following:

  • Mineral and Vitamin Ingredients – Each ExtenZe capsule is composed of 400mch folic acid, a part of the 25mg zinc oxide and vitamin B complex. Folic acid is known for its ability to prevent anemia of the blood.
  • Support ingredients that are pro-hormone – Every capsule contains 10mg of pregnanolone and 50mg of micronized DHEA. DHEA is regarded to be the sex hormones’ building block and this can help men in solving their ED issues, particularly if they are also suffering from low testosterone.
  • Support ingredients for bi enhancement – Each capsule of the male enhancement product is said to contain 25 mg mixture of ginger root, piper longum and black pepper seed. Ginger root is being considered to have anti-inflammatory qualities.
  • Support ingredients for sexual enhancement – Each ExtenZe capsule contains a mixture of Korean ginseng root extract, yohimbe bark extract, cnidium monnier seed and tribulus terrestir among many others. To be specific, yohimbe is best known for its ability of helping men who are suffering from ED problems. This is also especially helpful for those issues that are the result of psychological issues. Aside from that, tribulus terrestris is also known for increasing sexual activity.

The Bottom Line

Majority of the users of ExtenZe penis enhancement pills are certain that the drug has the ability of enlarging their penis, boosting their sexual activity and enhancing their libido. In the event that you are suffering from these problems, it might be good if you can try ExtenZe for yourself. However, the decision still lies in your hands and only you can determine if this is something you should try or not.

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