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#1: Erectzan
Success Rate: 97.9%
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#2: Maxis10
Success Rate: 95.8%
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VigRx Plus

#3: VigRx Plus
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#4: Zenerx
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#5: Potensa
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Extamax Introduction


Last Updated: February 19, 2021

Extamax is a kind of male enhancement product claiming to have the ability of enhancing the erectile function of men. As stated in the official website of the product, it seems that Extamax primarily targets those men who feel disappointed with their confidence or are starting to lose their self-esteem because of the size of their erection.

The product website is making a point on how large an impact a man’s penis size has with their partners, saying that almost all ladies do not feel happy and satisfied with small erections.

It is said that this male enlargement product works through increasing the blood flow through the 3 erectile chambers of the penis that hold the blood so that a man can attain an erection. It will then result to an enhanced quality of erections in terms of both girth and length.

Extamax also offers a free trial bottle that is charged with processing and shipping fees for those buyers who do not want to commit on getting a monthly supply of the product. The 3-month supply of the product that is equivalent to 2 bottles with an additional one for free comes at a price of around $80 and for a supply good for 6 months, with 3 bottles and 3 more for free, this male enhancer can be yours for about $90.

These penis pills come at a low cost as compared to the rest of sexual enhancement products that can be found in the market today and this is the very reason why some consumers are skeptical considering that the potent ingredients are well known to come at a higher price compared with those extracts that have the same quantity yet low on efficacy.

What’s Inside the Product?

Extamax is composed of some of the well known potent ingredients which have the ability of boosting the flow of blood through the genitals in order to increase the erectile function of men. Among its list of ingredients is L-arginine that has been shown to be effective in increasing the flow of blood in the penis through increasing the production of nitric oxide. It works through relaxing the smooth muscles so that the blood vessels in the penis will be dilated, which will then increase the flow of blood.

Also added to Extamax formula is one known booster of testosterone level, which is Tribulus Terrestris that has the ability of improving sperm motility and sperm count for enhanced ejaculations. However, the inclusion of yohimbe has been a source of concern because even though there have been studies that prove its ability of improving erectile function, different side effects such as nausea, vomiting and palpitations may be experienced when it is used.

Other ingredients that can be found in Extamax include Cayenne, Maca, Catuaba Bark, Muira Puama, Ginger, Eleuthro Root, Korean and American Ginseng, Orchic Substance, Sarsparilla, Pumpkin Seed, Nettle Leaf, Kola Nut and Oat Straw.

The Bottom Line

There were some infomercials for Extamax wherein Dr. Zdrok, a clinical psychologist, sex therapist and porn star promotes the use of the product while some girls portray the role of ladies who feel disappointed with the not so large penises of men.

While looking at the website of Extamax male enhancement, you might feel a bit skeptical but its infomercials are actually the most common reason why there were a lot of negative feedbacks for the product, particularly from the ladies. But still, if you want to try this, you might as well consult your doctor in order to be sure.

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