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Excitol Introduction


Last Updated: July 24, 2020

Male enhancement has become one of the biggest industries today. There are literally hundreds of names and brands that you can choose from that makes it harder for you to discover which is really the best out of all the products offered right now. Of course, just the same when looking for a dietary supplement, effectiveness and safety will always take the center stage. It is important for you to be meticulous in picking a male enlargement product and ensure that it will not bring about any adverse effect. Just because one product is famous, it does not necessarily mean that it is already safe and effective. To help you find the best male enhancer today, we will look into one of the popular brands that are being offered online.

Product Overview

Excitol is an over the counter male enhancement supplement that is made using all natural ingredients. This does not include yohimbe in its formula, an ingredient commonly added to male enhancing products. Yohimbe is being associated to different side effects that make it an unsafe ingredient. Excitol also promises that this does not contain any possible harmful component and claims that it will not cause any side effects. The supplement should be taken about 30-45 minutes prior to a sexual activity. Its official website states that this can also help improve the quality of orgasm, firmness and hardness of erections, pleasure and stamina for as much as 24 hours after it has been.

How Can the Product Help You?

Excitol has made several claims such as enhancing stamina, increasing hardness, enhancing stimulation and optimizing erections. This can also boost pleasure, work quickly and is also possibly free from any dangerous ingredients such as yohimbe. This contains herbal extracts as well as other kinds of natural extracts known to help in increasing sex drive or libido. This also contains compounds that can help increase the production of testosterone and natural aphrodisiacs.

What’s Inside the Product?

Excitol’s active ingredients include rhodiola root, horny goat weed, L-arginine, muira puama, maca, longjack root, damiana, oyster extract, Korean ginseng and licorice. Horny goat weed is a kind of natural PDE5 inhibitor that can improve the flow of blood to the penis to allow longer lasting and fuller erections to occur. This has been used for many centuries in the traditional Chinese medicines to increase sex drive and improve the sexual health of men.

Meanwhile, rhodiola root can help improve mood and address fatigue together with mental and physical performance. Maca is a kind of ingredient known to help in regulating the hormone system. This is also popular for its ability to increase energy and sexual stamina. Muira puama is a kind of plant from Brazil that also has potent aphrodisiac properties. On the other hand, L-arginine can help increase the production of nitric oxide to widen the blood vessels to experience an improvement in the flow of blood. The rest of the ingredients are natural aphrodisiacs, mood enhancers and testosterone boosters.

The Bottom Line

Based on the male enhancer’s active ingredients, Excitol can be considered as a good product. But, the absence of clinical testing that will prove its effectiveness and safety is a major downside. Aside from that, the lack of money back guarantee which might have been a good sign of the product’s effectiveness. All in all, the product can be regarded as a good male enhancement but you might want to look for better choices if you can.

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