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Dr. Bross Pro Plus Advanced Introduction

Dr. Bross Pro Plus Advanced

Last Updated: January 12, 2021

For those who are searching for male enhancement products, you will surely encounter the name Dr. Bross Pro Plus Advanced, a product that has been designed by none other than Dr. Joel Bross, who is also the founder of penis pills known as Maximum XE. Through this new formula, once again, Dr. Bross is claiming that you will be able to gain as much as 5 inches in the length of your penis size in just several months. But is this really true or just an attempt at luring more unknowing customers?

Product Overview

Created and manufactured by a company that goes by the name of Avid Medical, this male enhancement supplement promises to give the users with harder erections and even permanent male enlargement by simply using the pills. Based on different sources, which include its official website, it was already featured on 20/20 show although there is really no evidence found to prove this. Aside from that, they also claim larger than life size increases plus they guarantee results in just 60 days or even less. Even though this size claims are not really that agreeable, the truth is that several of the ingredients that have been used in the product have the ability of temporarily increasing pleasure, giving you the chance of satisfying your partner.

What’s Inside the Product?

Dr. Bross Pro Plus Advanced is supposed to endow you with rock harder erections, improved sexual libido, increased penis size of up to 5 inches as well as faster time of recovery. This product’s formula contains ingredients including ginseng, yohimbe, horny goat weed, saw palmetto extract as well as gingko biloba. However, you have to take note that yohimbe has been said to cause several side effects, which means that you have to be extra careful when taking it.

After some investigation on the ingredients, it has been found out that these are not really that different from that of Maximum XE or the original formula. The complete list includes yohimbe, which is again a potentially dangerous component, ginkgo biloba and several mild kinds of aphrodisiac that are also found in the previous formula.

In this advanced formula, it can be noticed that L-arginine has also been used and it has already been proven in past studies that this can help in dilating the blood vessels which will then pave the way for an increase in the amount of blood flow. Completing the ingredients’ list are horny goat weed, catuaba bark extract, and pygeum africanum that is being used for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia or BHP.

The Bottom Line

If you will search for the product on YouTube, you will not be able to find video testimonials that came from those who have actually tried using the male enhancement pills. However, there are some racy pictures on its official website that depict those men who are said to have used the product, showing before and after images that outline their success. Of course, there is no way to determine if the photos are real other than taking the word of the company for it.

So far, it is best that you stay away from this male enhancement product for many reasons. Its claims are impossible and even unbelievable and it seems that everything about the product is nothing by hype and false advertising, not to mention that you can be at risk for the possible dangers that it can bring.

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