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Practical Diet Tips to Enhance Your Libido
December 14th, 2013


It is possible for your libido or sex drive to dip at one time or another. It can become low in the face of various factors, including the aging process, the existence of disease, or taking certain forms of medications. To remedy this situation, lots of male enhancement supplements are being offered, and it is rather apparent that not all of them are effective. So why not save money and start with your diet in order to increase your sex drive?

Bananas, for instance, are not just a powerful phallic symbol. They are also well-known for being high in potassium and a rich source of fiber. They can help increase your libido due to bromelain, a substance that assists in boosting libido. Avocados, on the other hand, offer plenty of monounsaturated fats; like bananas, they are also rich in potassium and vitamin B6, which can help optimize the output of male hormones.

Almonds offer a great munch – they are rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs) that your body cannot product on its own but are necessary for your daily function. Almonds are particularly rich in an essential that can aid in hormone production.

Oysters, anyone? They can be eaten straight from the shell, or can be found in canned products. Oysters have a number of benefits to male libido. For example, their zinc helps increase testosterone, an important male sex hormone. Additionally, they provide dopamine, a certified libido booster.

Garlic is not just an all-around superstar in the kitchen. It can also help increase your libido through supplying your sexual organs with increased blood flow. It will not exactly give you very fresh breath, and the aftertaste can get it the way. But think of the benefits – and get garlic in supplement form if you want to.

Finally, there’s fig, which help increase your sexual stamina. If you are not familiar with the benefits of this fruit, it’s high in fiber, has a sweet taste, and contains no fat. It can help optimize your libido and enhance your stamina, which is a common problem among those suffering from premature or rapid ejaculation. Figs can be bought in fresh or dried form.

Lack or loss of libido can be a serious sexual concern for men. So don’t shrug it off if you see recurring signs and symptoms. Talk to your doctor to know the underlying cause and the right treatment plan. As for male enlargement pills, not all of them offer libido benefits, so be wise to get only the highest quality. Keep posted for more sexual enhancement news and features on this site!


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