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Is Male Enlargement Surgery Covered By Insurance?
June 12th, 2014

Male enlargement surgery happens to be among the highly sought after surgeries today, particularly by men who would like to experience an impeccable and satisfactory sexual pleasure.

But before you even undergo this kind of surgery, one of the most important factors that will confirm if you will push through the process or not is its cost.

Men who lack the sufficient budget for penis enhancement usually ask if their insurance will actually cover the surgery. Let us learn the answer today.

Surgery as an Effective Penis Enlargement Method

Penile enlargement surgery is currently the only permanent solution that is recognized for being able to enlarge the size of the male organ. Even though the said technique is a bit costly compared to other means like exercises and pills, there are plenty of men who are still going for the procedure.

But, you still have to remember that this is among the riskiest methods as far as male enhancement is concerned. For this reason, you have to know whether or not it will be covered by your insurance.

Before anything else, the safety of the man who will undergo this kind of surgical procedure must be the foremost priority. Based on studies, all the surgical treatments no matter how effective, will still carry their own set of complications and risks. Brief background and proper knowledge regarding every step that will be done during the surgery as well as the post operation treatment must be discussed in overview together with the surgeons.

Male enlargement is one sensitive and confidential topic. Men who have plans to undergo surgical procedures are sometimes doubtful and even hesitant regarding the matter. There are even instances when they cannot discuss it with their partner or they hardly ask their doctor about it.

But, it is a must for you to carefully ask your doctor or seek for personal advice coming from other people and inquire if insurance covers this kind of surgery.

Overview of Phalloplasty

Phalloplasty is the medical term being used when carrying out the procedure on penis enhancement surgery. This is a particular medical method being used for artificially modifying or increasing the penis size. The process is known as a kind of cosmetic procedure for enhancing the appearance, girth and length of the sex organ of men. The penile surgery comes in different forms and types that will depend upon the specific needs of the patient.

The phalloplasty procedure is carried out in various ways. When a man would like to have a bigger penis, the procedure of fat injection or skin grafting is among the most usual procedures carried out. But in case the man would like to have a longer penis, the usual procedure is cutting down several ligaments inside the penis to achieve a minimum of one inch or more.

Will Your Insurance Cover Penis Enhancement?

Now that you already have an idea of the penile surgery, you will only need to answer the question as to whether or not your insurance company will actually cover this kind of procedure. So far, penis enhancement procedure is still considered as cosmetic procedure which is why it is not part of the valid or included grounds that are under insurance coverage. But to make sure that you will stay on the safer side, it will be best to try other methods, like the use of male enlargement pills that can be easily found in the market.


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