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Here Are Erection-Friendly Vitamins
May 13th, 2014

Here Are Erection-Friendly Vitamins

There is a range of prescription drugs out there that are used to address erectile dysfunction, which affects about one-third of the US male population today. These include Viagra, Cialis, and related drugs, which can work to your advantage. However, an extensive body of research is now revealing their own set of side effects, and this safety issue is an entirely new consideration.

Studies suggest the use of certain vitamins and supplements as a viable option to address erectile dysfunction and related sexual woes. Erections are a product of increased blood flow to your genitals, and this makes vitamins that improve circulation highly useful. The same can also be said of vitamins and supplements that assist in relaxing smooth muscles, helping the walls of the arteries dilate.

Here are some vitamins to optimize in your diet or to take as a supplement if you are actively trying to improve your erectile and overall sexual function:

  • Vitamin B complex – B vitamin offer a wealth of whole body benefits, including those related to blood flow and vitality, which are most crucial for improving the quality of your erections. Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, is responsible for the increase of energy and circulation in the body. Vitamin B3 or niacin, on the other hand, is involved in producing and synthesizing sex hormones and improving circulation. Vitamin B12 has been linked not only to good energy levels, but also with preventing erectile dysfunction.
  • Vitamin C – This nutrient is mostly known for helping boost your immune system, but vitamin C is also crucial to preserve the health and wellness of your arteries. According to research, this nutrient also helps improve endothelial function (the lining of your arteries), which is important to achieve healthy erections. Satisfy your daily vitamin C requirement through consumption of citrus fruits and vegetables, or by supplementing with a high-quality one.
  • Vitamin E – This has been long associated with increased sexual potency, partly because of its role in the production of sex hormones, such as testosterone. Vitamin E is also essential in having good circulation and health of your muscles.

You can accelerate your sexual enhancement efforts by taking a high-quality male enhancement pill that combines the best herbal extracts and nutrients for erectile improvement, as well as longer stamina, better energy, and other key sexual benefits. Talk to your doctor prior to supplementation if you are currently taking prescribed medication for a health condition. Focus not just on cost and efficacy, but also on product safety and quality.


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