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Finding Your PC Muscle for Kegel Exercises
June 7th, 2014

Finding Your PC Muscle for Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises, developed by Dr. Arnold Kegel, are widely promoted for assisting in different health concerns, such as male and female sexual dysfunction, incontinence, prostate health, and even childbearing. But one very important key to do Kegels is to be able to identify your pubococcygeus or PC muscle. Sometimes referred to as the pelvic floor muscle, the PC muscle supports your bladder and bowel, as well as women’s uterus. This part of a group of muscles may be collectively known as pelvic floor muscles, including the bladder and sphincter muscles. Learn to find your PC muscle for many benefits.

Before you can reap gains from strengthening your PC muscle using Kegels, here are ways to find the said muscle and train yourself to control it successfully:

  1. Sit or stand at the toilet, and then urinate. In midstream, try to stop the flow of urine – this will activate your PC muscle. Avoid stopping your urine in midstream frequently, only when you have to locate your PC muscle for Kegels.
  2. Another instinctive way to identify and use your PC muscle: imagine trying to keep from breaking wind. Once you know the feeling of contracting our PC muscle, you will be better able to practice t contractions deliberately.
  3. For women, insert the tip of one finger into your vagina. For men, do the same into your anus. Practice squeezing your PC muscle using either of the options, until you sense a contraction around your finger. This is proof that you have identified the correct muscle for Kegel exercises.
  4. Empty your bladder, and then sit or lie down. You can perfect your control of your PC muscle when you contract the muscle for five seconds at a time, working up to four or five 10-second contractions, with 10 seconds of rest between each contraction.

These techniques are done without using any tool – you would only need some privacy and a clean toilet! Kegels can help reduce or prevent urinary incontinence in both men and women, as well as prevent pelvic organ prolapsed. For men specifically, erectile dysfunction can be fought off using these classic exercises, resulting not only in stronger erections but also more powerful orgasms and ejaculation that’s one for the books.

You can also optimize your efforts by complementing Kegels with another natural male enhancer, such as prudent supplementation. Herbal extracts that are traditionally honored and tested can make a radical difference in your sexual performance and wellness. Of course, ask your doctor prior to supplementation, as certain formulations may contraindicate with any medication you are taking.

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