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Effects of Aging on Male Sexual Health
January 9th, 2014


In your early twenties, you likely reach your sexual and physical peak. After this point, however, you can start to encounter several issues with your sexual and reproduction function. Your penis becomes prone to difficulty getting an erection as you age, and you also experience problems with your fertility, sexual stamina and energy, semen production, and prostate status. Let’s break down some of these sex-related problems as men age.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is probably the most common issue you can face when you age. It is defined as the inability to start or maintain an erection long enough to successfully penetrate and have sexual intercourse. This problem affects about one in four men today, a bulk of which is past age 70. This is why male enhancement finds a strong market in the aging segment of the male population.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a variety of factors. It could be that there aren’t enough hormones going around your body, or you could be having blood flow or nerve damage issues in your penis. Those who are affected by hypertension, diabetes, heart concerns, or pelvic trauma may also potentially face erection problems.

Erupting Too Soon?

Premature ejaculation is another common concern as men age. Here, you can achieve an erection but reach orgasm before penetration or before you desire. It is often a product of a psychological response to outside stimuli, like when you are stressed out or upset by something. Anxiety may kick in, possibly making it happen again.

Numerous remedies are available for “coming” too soon, and they include male enlargement pills, pelvic exercises, and psychological treatment.

Fertility Problems

There could also be infertility, which may be associated with erectile dysfunction or may be an issue all its own. If you are unable to sustain your erection, it may be your body’s response to infertility. As aging sets in, there could be decreased sperm, which makes fathering a child rather difficult. Additionally, blockages prevent the sperm from exiting your penis, or the sperm may no longer be as effective as before.

With aging, you have a higher chance of being affected by infections, trauma, environmental pollutants, and prescribed medications that you may come in contact with in your life. These can also serve as a factor with infertility affecting older men. Fertilization drugs or alternative conception forms are available to address this.

Whatever age you are, be sure to take care of yourself – eat a healthy, balanced diet, exercise regularly, get enough sleep regularly, and manage your stress, among many things. You should also cut down on alcohol and substance use. Keep posted for more male enhancement and general health tips and techniques from this site!


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